From contract to closing, Randy represents both buyers and sellers of real estate. Real estate transactions must be undertaken with meticulous attention to detail in order to avoid any errors that could lead to problems in the future. Randy has extensive experience researching, drafting, and negotiating contracts, deeds, and other related documents and agreements. He also handles family transfers and assists foreign clientele seeking to buy property in New York City. In all cases, Randy provides a candid and thorough analysis prior to contract signing. At closing, he assists his clients in determining whether the terms of sales contracts have been properly met, such as financing and warranties. He either prepares or reviews all of the documents involved, such as loan and financing agreements and the property deed, while managing the list of tasks that must be completed, such as ensuring the deed is properly recorded. Randy regularly works with banks, mortgage brokers, and bank attorneys to help his clients obtain loans, refinance existing loans, or pay off mortgages.